We are a faith based student group for Catholic students to deepen their faith, and we invite people of all faith and denomination groups to join us!


As a group of college students we like to have fun! Join us for bonfires, hikes, weekly meetings and more. We have plenty going on for you to join!


As Catholics we are called to serve those who need our help. We do this through a variety of activities: St. Vinnie's, Room at the the Inn, and Spring Break mission trips!

Where are we?

We are convieniently located kitty-corner to the University Center, attached to St. Michael's Parish.

Weekly Schedule

The following is our weekly schedule of events. Come join us!

  • Sunday 7pm - Mass

    St. Michael's Parish
    Come join us on Sunday night to worship in Mass!

  • Every 4th Sunday 5:15pm - Mass

    Jamrich Hall
    Come join us every 4th Sunday on campus to worship in Mass!

  • Tuesday 5:15pm - Grand Slam

    St. Michael's Parish - Blessed Sacrament Chapel
    This event kicks off with daily Mass at 5:15, followed by dinner at the Marketplace!

  • Wednesday 6pm - Food For Thought

    Catholic Campus Ministry Center
    Have a homecoocked meal at 6pm followed by a faith talk at 7!

  • Wednesday 8am - Holy Hour

    Blessed Sacrament Chapel
    Start your day off with an hour in the presence of Jesus in Holy Adoration!

  • Friday 8pm - Game Night

    Catholic Campus Ministry Center
    Have some fun playing board games, card games, and video games with fellow CCM students!